A jazz band, based in Southern California., Pat Morvan Jazz Group Pat Morvan

Pat Morvan -Basses

Pat is the leader of the Pat Morvan Jazz group (PMJG). After many years of playing with lots of people, Pat chose some of the best players he knew to fill out this group. Pat has a masters’ degree in music education and taught music for the Paramount Unified School District for 22 years. He loves to arrange and write music and some of these songs can be heard at the PMJG performances. Pat plays electric and upright bass with much skill and dedication. Pat also plays bass for the blues band, The Laurie Morvan Band

Greg Long – guitar

Greg comes from a family of musicians. His father was the pianist for the Stan Kenton Band for many years and his sister plays bluegrass violin professionally. Greg skills as a guitarist are excellent and he brings a nice element to the Pat Morvan Jazz Groups outings.

A jazz band, based in Southern California., Pat Morvan Jazz Group Angel Cortes

Angel Cortes - percussion

Angel is an accomplished percussionist and vocalist who is comfortable with the conga drums as well as all other auxiliary percussion instruments. He melds his groove with the style of music that is being played making the groove seem seamless. Originally from New York, Angel plays with the Latin groove that he heard in the Bronx and Brooklyn with the accent being on groove.

Cris Barber - vocals and percussion

Cris has a beautiful voice. She has done many recordings. She is professional and is always prepared to entertain.

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